Welcome to Disclassifieds, the section of jumputt where a disc golfer can sell or purchase rare and hard to find plastic. Unload prized possessions or those boxes full of discs accumulated through the years. As a purchaser, Disclassifieds makes it easy to find just the right disc by searching color, type, manufacturer and condition of the disc. As a seller, Disclassifieds turns plastic into actual cash.

Requirements for sellers
Jumputt.com account
PayPal account

Instructions for sellers

  1. Log into your jumputt.com account
  2. Click “Create content”
  3. Click “Seller Products”
  4. This window allows the seller to enter:
    • Title
    • Description
    • Catalog (Choose “disc”)
    • Image of the front and/or back
    • Color
    • Type
    • Manufacturer
    • Condition
    • SKU (Enter “0” if you have none)
    • Seller commission (Enter the same for Seller price)
    • Seller price (Enter the same for Seller commission)
    • Weight (In grams)
    • Package quantity (Enter “1”)
    • Default quantity to add to cart (Enter “1”)
  5. Click “Save”
  6. To enter another product simply repeat steps 3-5